My name is Iris Zemach

Iris, my first name, is the name of a flower, and it is also the coloured part of the eyeball. Iris is actually like a camera’s aperture. 

As a photographer, I use both, eye and aperture, in a  pretty typical way.

It is possible to characterize my photography as “cutting out parts of reality”, in such a way that they are taken out of context, emphasizing their texture to the extent that they become abstract.

You can often see in my work the use of a wide aperture to achieve a shallow depth of field, an effect that the human eye can’t see without the use of this feature in the camera.

By using the camera this way, I turn reality into something else, sometimes not really understood and make it seem on the verge of an abstract or a painting.

My first camera was from the days of analog photography. After taking a break for many years, I returned to the digital version, more intense and professional.

Even without the camera in my hands, I find myself looking around, observing the entire frame and its’ details

My photography is less in the nature of “documentary photography”, although it does exist, and more in the way of an artistic use of my camera in various ways that aim at being on the verge of drawing paintings.

I live in Israel, a tiny but diverse country, in every possible way. Most of the pictures displayed in my portfolio were taken here.

I hope you find interest in my art, and wish to see it in your home or office, on a daily basis.

The photographs that appear here, and others, can be purchased in a variety of professional print materials and sizes, including framing.

I can help you find the perfect frame for a designated location by either you sending me a picture of the room in which it will be placed or, if you live is in the centre of Israel, I can also come and explore the place physically to help you make a decision.

Feel free to e-mail me via the “Contact” tab.



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